Monthly horoscope

People have busy life nowadays and everyone is busy with their work/ studies/ projects/clients etc. 

In their busy schedules people often want to know what are he best days for their meetings/ interviews/ exams/ orders etc. so that they get best results.

People often reach out to their astrologer and their immediate availability may be an issue and there also might be a time zone difference as they live abroad.

To solve this problem, I am launching a programme in which we will be listing out auspicious dates to begin important works in your day to day life through your own horoscope. This prediction will not be a general prediction like the one you read in the newspapers, or see on T.V. channels. 

Every person and their Graha Nakshatra are unique, so general predictions are not very helpful. We will provide you with an online calendar tailored and created from your own kundali that will help you make good choices for your self.

You just need to pay 1000Rs/ Yr (2.7 Rs/day) and we will provide you a calendar every month that you can easily add to your Cell Phone/ Laptop.

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